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Services of Worship

Our weekly Services are held on alternate Sunday’s in either Lasswade Church or Rosewell Church. The dates, times and venue for our services are listed in our Church Calendar. You will be made most welcome should you decide to come along.

Worship within the Church of Scotland is for everybody, regardless of age, nationality, status, or ability. Patterns of worship vary from church to church and this generally means that people can find a place of worship where they feel comfortable.

Our minister is responsible for leading worship and we also have a Worship Team and readers who are involved in both planning and helping to lead worship. Regular services of worship are at the heart of the life of the Church, but congregational life can also includes other activities such as prayer groups, Sunday schools for children.

Music is an essential part of the Church’s worship and can take a wide variety of forms. Increasingly, multimedia, such as video, is used during church services to help spread the word of God in the 21st century. Preaching is central to the Church of Scotland’s way of worshiping God. The minister, will share a message drawn out of a passage from the Bible, which aims to help people interpret and apply the Bible’s teaching to modern life. 

Forest Church is an alternative form of church that is freer and more relaxed, as it happens out of doors. It’s an opportunity to worship God and fellowship together amidst the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Typically, we will take a walk together and have a theme each session for us to think about and explore. These have included:

  • the wonder of trees, exploring how much shelter they give to so many different creatures and thinking about how they remind us of the spread and shelter of God’s love that we are welcomed into;
  • the importance of wild flowers, thinking about how they make our world so beautiful and how bees spread their pollen so new flowers come each year. Through this, we were reminded how we are also called to make our world more beautiful as we follow the example of Jesus and to spread his love so others can grow and blossom in his care, too.
  • the preciousness of water and its life-giving properties which led to reflecting on the new life that Jesus offers us when we trust in him, which is like a life-giving stream bubbling up within us to renew and restore us (John’s Gospel, Chapter 4 and verses 13-14).

People of all ages are welcome at Forest Church, on your own, as a couple, a group of friends or as a family, so if you would enjoy more informal, interactive, outdoor church where we appreciate God’s wonderful creation around us and allow it to remind us of how amazing God is and how amazing is his love for us, do come along and join in! You’ll be most welcome! Check our message board or Church Calendar for dates and meeting place.

Coming to Church – FAQ’s

Coming to Church for the first time can perhaps feel a bit daunting, however, you can be assured of a warm welcome. To help you decide, you can check out our frequently asked questions.