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Lasswade & Rosewell

Parish Church

The village of Rosewell grew up around the Coal mining industry which was owned firstly by  Wardlaw Ramsay and then in 1856  Archibald Hood acquired the lease.

Between 1846 snd 1881 the population increased from 133 to 2129.  This rise was due to many Irish immigrants coming over to find work and escape the effects of the Potato Famine.  By 1885 Rosewell had a Church, Post Office, School and Savings Bank.

The Church was built 1871-72 and opened  for worship 1874.  Until 1874 Lasswade Parish Church was the ‘Mother’ Church.

Feu Charter was agreed 11 November 1872 – cost £850.

First Baptism took place October 1874

First Communion Service November 1874 (Communion Silver was gifted by the  Lady Louise Wardlaw Ramsay)

There have been few changes to the exterior of the Church but the interior was refurbished and modernised in the late 40s.

The Organ was introduced in 1887 – prior to that it would be a presenter who would lead the singing.

Present Organ was installed 13 December 1903 and was gifted by  James Hood.  The Church Bell was gifted by  James Hood as a memorial to his daughter Margaret Cochrina Hood who died in 1912 at the very early age of 6 years.

Rosewell Parish Church was listed Category B on 7 March 1997.

We are deeply indebted to the Hood family for the development of the Church as we see it today.

In 1991 Rosewell was linked with Cockpen and Carrington and Lasswade Parish Church and in 2008 we returned to the ‘Mother’Church and became Cockpen and Carrington linked with Lasswade and Rosewell.

Rosewell Parish Church Hall was built in 1932 to serve the dual purpose of Church Hall and War Memorial.  It contains brass plaques listing the parish’s fallen in the two World Wars.

The history of Christianity in Rosewell