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Lasswade & Rosewell Parish Church (Church of Scotland) Scottish Charity number SC015878

Lasswade & Rosewell

Parish Church

Where do you live

Have you moved into the area in last five years

How many in your household are in these age ranges? (Select numbers in ranges below)

How often do you attend church

If you do go, which place of worship do you attend?  

If your answer above was Sometimes, Rarely, or Never:

What puts you off coming to church? (Please tick)

It’s irrelevant to life today

The building is uncomfortable

The service time is inconvenient

The church is too far away

They just want your money

I don’t know when to stand/sit/etc

The service is old fashioned

My kids would get in the way


I won’t know anybody

Sunday is too busy or family time

I don’t have transport

  What would encourage you to come to church? (Please tick)

Knowing someone who already attends

More varied styles of worship

Having a service at a more convenient time

Informal service for all the family/Messy Church

Provision of transport

Seeing the church more evident in the community through the week

If Sunday morning is not convenient for you and you would like to come to church, what day and time in the week would be more suitable for you?

What developments would you like to see in the church to make it more attractive?  (Please comment)

Any other comments you would like to make:


If you would like information about Cockpen & Carrington Parish Church or Lasswade & Rosewell Parish Church or to discuss any matters related to these local congregations, please provide below the preferred method by which we may contact you.

Thank you very much indeed for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  

Please enter the two words

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Church Community Questionnaire

The church families at Cockpen & Carrington Parish Church linked with Lasswade & Rosewell Parish Church are seeking to offer a more relevant presence of church in the local area.  To help us develop towards that, we would be very grateful if you could take a few moments to answer the questions below relating to your present experience of church.